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Contributing to our platform is a great way to share your expertise with the world. Leave your email below if you would like us to send you more info on why being a Guest Contributor to the Upschool Platform is an awesome thing to do!


You are an austrlian registered teacher

Teachers who are currently registered to teach in Australian primary or secondary schools.
Status:  Automatically Granted Approval to Contribute

You hold a teaching qualification

You are not currently teaching in an Australian school but you have taught in Australian schools before. 
Status:  Approval to Contribute on Request

You work in Australian schools as an external provider

You have skills or expertise that you are currently using in Australian schools as a third party provider. 
Status:  Approval to Contribute on Request

you are a professional in another area

You have skills and expertise and great ideas to share with parents and children that can help their development. 
Status:  Approval to Contribute on Request